With London receiving eleven to fifteen days of rain each month on average there is a high probability that you will need rainy day ideas.  Lucky for you, the American expat, there are a multitude of wonderful places to see and things to do with the rainy day in mind.  Below are a list of some well known, and some not so well known, places to slosh your way toward on the inevitable rainy day in London.

Buckingham Palace

One of the most iconic establishments Buckingham Palace was built in the early eighteenth century and is home to Queen Elizabeth.  Its architecture and décor are stellar making tours of the palace one of most coveted activities in all of London for natives and tourists alike.  Tours are only available in August and September and tickets must be purchased well in advance as they run out quickly.

The London Eye

Everyone arriving here, whether by rail, plane or ship, is greeted by the giant Ferris wheel that is the London Eye.  Unlike traditional Ferris wheels the London Eye places guests inside pods. With its circumference at almost 1,400 feet the Eye gives guests a view of over twenty-five miles from the top.  Although a rainy day is not an ideal time to look out over the city the London Eye at least offers a dry and warm pod to keep you safe and secure during the ride.

The Faraday Museum

Located at the Royal Institute off of Piccadilly the Faraday Museum prominently features the history of science for all to enjoy.  The museum is divided into three area: communication, people and experimentation.  Inventions are on display and best of all the Faraday Museum is free to the public.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Located just outside of the city the Warner Bros. Studio is proud to open the Harry Potter Experience in March 2012.  Muggles will finally be allowed to explore the real sets from the Harry Potter movies, try their hands at magic and explore Hogwarts.  Tickets must be purchased in advance.

These are but a few ideas for Americans when faced with nothing to do on a rainy day.  Regardless of what direction the day takes you London is filled with opportunities for every walk of life making your time rich with experience.

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