The city of London boasts a vast range of high street stores and boutiques, all ideal for anyone visiting or living in London. More than one part of this diverse city maintains a string of recommended shopping outlets to acquire gifts and the like. With such a large amount of grounds to cover, it is helpful to know where the favorite shopping places are when living in London.

Oxford Street

As the top choice for those seeking out luxurious goods, Oxford Street is perfect for satisfying every shopper living in London. With London fashion week in full bloom, Oxford Street is celebrating in style with brand new items lacing the shop windows, from big brand names to catwalk chic. Aside from the fashion side of shopping, this number one shopping destination also offers Londoners the chance to get their hands on some good deals for groceries, accessories and electronics. This busy part of the city maintains hundreds of stores, all of which are open from morning until late evening for people living in London.

Kensington High Street

Kensington High Street is based in close proximity to the Kensington Gardens and many people flock here for a stylish afternoon of indulging. Many big name brands and well-known chains of stores can be found here with easy transport access in and out of the area. It is possible to stock up on amenities here or alternatively, to stay on top of the current trends. This shopping destination is less crowded than some other parts, which makes it a desirable choice for people.


Known as the trendy part of the city, Camden gives people living here a chance to uncover new treasures every day. The Camden Market is a popular spot, where anything can be bought, from dresses and shoes to jewelry and china. You are sure to see a varied group of people making their way to Camden to spend their hard earned money, and this is advantageous because the stores and stalls cater to all tastes of people.

Portobello Road

Not as well-known as other areas to shop, Portobello Road is situated in the Notting Hill district. Although stores for clothes and confectionaries can be found here, this place is favored mostly for its assortment of antiques markets. Antique dealers or even artists would fare well here, because galleries adorn the streets, giving passers-by and those here the opportunity to pick up a specialist piece of art for a great bargain.

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