The thriving capital of the UK contains over eight million people so you wouldn’t expect that it would be difficult to meet new friends. However, moving to London can be a daunting experience and many people get caught up in locating London flats for rent, finding work, learning the ropes of the city, etc and don’t take the time to seek new friendships.

Also, Londoners can be a bit “standoffish” to newcomers, at least until they warm up to them. But that’s the idea, to get out and make new British acquaintances that eventually become friends!

If you happen to be in your 20’s and are relocating to London then you have a great deal of opportunities to meet people your age. A large number of young people from a variety of countries travel to the city on holiday visas to work and meet new people so it should be fairly easy for you to make new friends that have the same interests.

Regardless of your age, here are some tips on ways to meet people upon arriving to UK’s capital.

Share an Apartment

One of the top priorities upon arriving is to locate London flats or London apartments. You can make new friends right off the bat by seeking people who are looking for roommates to share an apartment. Not only do you get to know your roommates, but such atmospheres generally draw others into the environment providing you with even more opportunities to get to know others.

If you prefer more control of the living situation, you can lease London apartments for rent and advertise for roommates to come and live with you. If you want help finding suitable flats and apartments, contact London Relocation Services. Our consultants can have numerous rental possibilities available for you to view upon arriving to the city.

Get Involved In Sports

Another excellent way to get to know a lot of new people is to get involved with a sport in your new city. If you are young, you might join a soccer team which is an extremely popular sport throughout the UK and Europe. Some other common sports in the UK that you might participate in are rugby, cricket, tennis, squash, and rounders.

You don’t have to be young to get involved with sporting opportunities and meet new friends. Billiards, snooker, golf, sailing, darts and other more relaxing sports are also common ways for Brits to pass the time. Pubs are great places to join in a game of billiards, snooker and darts while having a few drinks and getting to know the locals who hang out there.

Take an Organized Tour

Another way to get out of London apartments and meet new friends is to take an organized tour. Such tours sign up a group of people and shuttle them around the city to view famous landmarks, beautiful parks, special events, and much more.

Organized tours put you in contact with groups of people that you spend an entire day or days with. Many long-time friendships are the result of such types of tours.

Should you require assistance with your move to London or need other information on transportation, visas, activities, etc, contact London Relocation Specialists. We can help you with every step of your move and ensure that you get settled in and have opportunities to meet new people.

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