If you are living in London with a passion for reading, you should learn where the best libraries in the city may be. Visiting libraries means you can socialize with other like-minded people and broaden your vocabulary. A trip via the London Underground can take you to the following three libraries when living in London, making it easier than ever to borrow and read a new book of your choice.

Barbican Library

As the leading library for people living in London, the Barbican Library is situated in Barbican Centre.  This library first opened its doors to tourists and residents of the United Kingdom in the year 1982. Since this time it has been well-known to have a constant supply of books in many genres. The Barbican Library is a favourite for children too, due to their expansive children’s section. More than 125,000 books can be picked up here and membership is available when you visit. Aside from the many books, which can be read in a multitude of languages, members of the Barbican Library can also find DVD’s when they are living in London.

Guildhall Library

In the 1420’s, Guildhall Library was open to people.  Much renovation and improvement has taken place since this time and nowadays, Guildhall Library is preferred for its public reference books. Various collections can be uncovered here and with a membership, guests can take out books for certain amounts of time. A visit to Guildhall Library itself or a visit to the website enables membership to happen. Many events take place here on a regular basis and they are free of charge, so if you are interested in an event at this library, check the official website beforehand. You can also enquire about lectures at Guildhall Library when you are living in London.

Shoe Lane Library

Finally, there is Shoe Lane Library, which is one of many that can be found.  Shoe Lane Library opened in 1982 and more than 42,000 volumes can be found here. Videos and music CD’s are also available for rental here, so you can either take them home or indulge in volumes while visiting Shoe Lane Library. The subjects covered at this library are very vast, so no matter what your interests are, you can find something to suit you. If you require a photocopier, then you can use the machine in this building. Reading groups are organized weekly too for both adults and children, so think about arranging this when living in London to get educated and meet new friends.

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