If you are moving to London from Australia, you are not alone. Thousands of people from Australia move to London each year for various reasons that include permanent employment, exchange programs, change of climate and environment among many other reasons. In this way, there is a great community of Aussies already living in London having relocated to the UK for various reasons. When moving to London from Australia, you can therefore get information about life in the city from friends and relatives already living there. But just in case, you can read on to discover some great information about moving to London from Australia.

Where to Live when Moving to London from Australia

There is nothing as exciting as living in London among people that come from the same country or area of origin as you. If you are looking for a place to live in London among other Aussies, there are great places and neighborhoods for you to head to. You can remember that Earl’s Court, also popularly known as Kangaroo Valley, is where most people from Australia settled first upon their arrival in the city. However, as the housing prices went up, most Aussies moved to Fulham, Acton and Shepherd’s Bush. When looking for the best place to stay in London among fellow Australians today, you should head straight to Clapham in the South of the city. Other options include Tooting, Balham and Streatham.

You need not wait till you have moved to the city before looking for accommodation or people to share with. This, you can start doing through online means before you relocate to London. Some of the best considerations that you should take when looking for somewhere to live are the costs of the house, commuter distance, and of course your personal preferences.

Looking for Employment in London

Depending on the reasons that made you relocate to London, you may or may not need to look for a job. However, there are thousands if not millions of job opportunities in London. Moving to London from Australia requires proper planning and may be costly. You therefore need to work in order to live a comfortable life in the city. You should bear in minds that London is the costliest city in the UK. However, with its decent job opportunities, Australians have found out that living in this city is easy and affordable.

Working in London requires that you obtain a National Insurance Number. While waiting for this to be processed, you should be getting your CV well optimized for jobs in London. You can get access to quite a number of online job searching resources, recruitment portals and job posts. In addition to this, you can visit recruitment agencies for a chance to get your dream job in London.

Getting to London from Australia

Once you have finished with all the necessary preparations and it is now time to say goodbye to the Kangaroos, you can get to London through many different routes. Your decision of the route to take should be guided by the cost of the journey, the number of stopovers and the time it will take to reach the city.

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