Thousands of people moving to London from other cities around the world usually have this question in mind. Do I need a car in London? The answer to this question is not straight forward or clear. This is because whether or not you need a car for your commute or transportation purposes in London will depend on where you live, what the car is needed for among other considerations. If you are moving to London from cities around the world, read on to understand whether or not you need a car in London.

Car in London for Commute and Daily Tasks

In general terms, a car for commute and other daily tasks such as groceries delivery, visiting places in the city among others is not necessary. You do not need a car for you to do these activities in the city. London city is served by a reliable and huge public transport network. Traveling in the city is therefore quite smooth and easy using this network of trains, buses and trams. Not unless you live in an area with insufficient public transportation, or very far from rail stations or bus stops, you are good with the transport already provided. You may also be living in an area with few or no supermarkets, gyms and other important social and economic amenities and therefore require a car in London.

It is good to note that groceries and other basics in London are delivered by supermarkets to your doorstep. You therefore do not need a car just for the purposes of going shopping for groceries. To make the matters even better and to cater for different customers with unique needs, delivery guys will deliver your orders right upstairs if the need be. So you do not have to worry about that too.

Car in London, Parking Fees and Insurance

You can decide whether or not you need a car in London by looking at the cost of parking and insurance for your car. Most boroughs in London offer a parking fee arrangement (permit) that costs less than £200 per annum. Although this is quite affordable, the process of getting this permit is not only tedious but time-consuming. This is especially when driving a company vehicle. Parking in a different borough from your own attracts another additional expense. Getting insurance is also tricky especially for new comers in London without history of driving in the city. You therefore need to weigh all the options at your disposal before deciding whether you need a car in London.

You Need a Car in London

You will need a car in London if you live far away from supermarkets, public transportation stations, sporting and leisure centres, and other important places. If you also want to traverse and enjoy the English countryside on many occasions, you will need a car for this. Additionally, you may be having children going to different schools and public transportation is not an option due to their ages or school timings.

As an alternative to owning a car in London, you can join the car clubs. Here you have access to cars depending on the time and duration you want it. If you need the car occasionally, a car club is where you belong in London.

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