You may think that Bangers and Mash isn’t really a moving to London advice topic, but trust me on this…

I think one of the things I struggled with (and most people struggle with) when moving to London was adapting to day to day living. Which is obvious I guess. The best moving to London advice I ever received was to immerse myself into local culture, cuisine and cooking. It’s difficult. When you move to London, you try to push the concern of settling-in to one side so that your enthusiasm for the big move isn’t dampened by your anxiety for how it could fail. I think what really helps to ease the transition is discovering what it is that you like about your new home. It really isn’t that hard (unless you’re determined not to find anything you’ll like). I’m not saying that I’m a fully fledged Anglophile just yet, but putting emphasis on what you enjoy about living in London can certainly help in adjusting to staying here.

Off the top of my head, my personal list of favourite things about staying in London probably amount to all the clichés that I’ve discovered are truisms. I mean the kind of things you read about in books or see in movies and then you come over here and you discover that it’s just the way you pictured it in your head. London is chock full of those clichés, from the double decker red busses, to the quintessential English flats, to the amazing food! Like Bangers and Mash.

bangers and mash
Bangers and Mash

Moving to London Advice – Get Cooking!

It really does sound like the simplest meal ever, doesn’t it? And it is. It really is. But it’s also damn tasty. And when you combine ‘simple cooking’ with ‘damn tasty’ you get what is officially the top recipe on The Lazy Person’s List of cooking. Honestly, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Get some bangers (sausages if you’re new to this English thing), potatoes, baked beans (you could try gravy if you wanted but I did say this was for lazy people) and bread. Fry up the sausages, mash the potatoes and cook them, put the baked beans into a pot, get them hot, toast the bread. Now, arguably speaking, that’s more of sentence than it is a recipe. But, like I said, it’s damn tasty. And if you’re the lazy sort of person and if it’s been a particularly trying day at the office, you could do far worse than stopping at your local Tesco’s on your way home from work, picking up the necessary ingredients and heading home for some (All together now) Bangers and Mash!

Bangers and Mash is the perfect meal whether you’re looking to cook up something easy or if you’re browsing that pub menu for a tasty dinner to go along with your beer! In fact, Bangers and Mash is so popular that there are multiple lists of the “best” restaurants in London to get this English favorite!  So my top tip of the day – some serious moving to London advice – try Bangers and Mash, at least once and you’ll have discovered your new comfort food after your big move – I did!

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