Things to Keep in Mind if You’re Relocating – Your Move to London Planning

Getting ready for a move to London this summer? We’ve already placed over 75 people who want to get ahead of the summer rush and are settled into their new apartments and houses! For the rest of you, new holidays and adventures await you, after London Relocation helps you with your big city move! By the way, London Relocation provides services beyond flat finding. Whether you’re here or not, we’re a resource for all of life’s minutiae- we can help you open up a bank account, setup a cellphone plan, and more. We handle all types of expat concerns. If you’re curious about our services or want some reassurance immediately, feel free to give us a call. Our team is great at reassuring new Londoners and soon-to-be Londoners and will be happy to chat.

Move to London This Summer – Stress Free, or Stress Mess

Moving is hard. London Relocation (as powerful/efficient as we are) can’t change the fact that moving is stress-inducing. According to the BBC: “In a British study 75% of people questioned said relocating for their job was somewhat, quite or very stressful.” Yikes! Makes you wonder though, if any of those people used London Relocation…If they had, I bet that percentage would be much lower.

Because we want to make sure you’re not apart of that 75 percent, we’re going to give you some dun, dun, dun, dun…advice, as we do. Today we are focusing on the summer move. We think that if you’re fully aware of the challenges and benefits of summertime relocation, you can more adequately prepare yourself. Knowledge is power people. We have some good news; we have some bad news. Bad news first, it’s better this way.

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Moving to London this Summer— The Downside…

We like to say that there is no better time to move to London than right now! As we wrote last week, summer means price hikes and the bustle of tourist season. So if you can make it to London, before them, do so! If you can’t, this post is to reassure you that although your move to London this summer during the tourist season is less-than-ideal, there are definitely benefits to migrating during the heat.

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The Heat Isn’t as Bad as you Think- The Upside(s)!

First of all, if you move to London in the midst of the grey season, that usually means that people aren’t in the cheeriest moods. If you’re lucky enough to be moving here in the next three months, you won’t have to experience that English sourness/melancholy. Second of all, on a related note, London comes alive in the summer. It will be much easier for you to navigate your new city if the weather isn’t working against you. There’s no better time than the summer to discover your favorite city spots. Whether that be a new bar, restaurant, or your favorite place to sit in the nearby park. On a more logistical level, there are lulls in the aforementioned price hikes- so it’s not impossible to find a well-priced flat (especially if London Relocation is helping you!)

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Hampstead Heath bathing ponds.

Not into the Swampy City Feeling?

We get it. In the summertime if trash is out, you’ll smell it. If the subway’s air conditioning is not working, it feels like Dante’s Inferno. Sometimes summer in a concrete-heavy place is stifling and frustrating. On particularly hot days, everyone is on edge. Luckily, there are plenty of fabulous things to do to escape the heat. Don’t believe us? Check out Condé Nast Traveler’s fantastic “How To,” on the handling a London heatwave!

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We hope this post helped you to consider the costs and benefits of your move to London this summer. Congratulations new Londoners and soon-to-be Londoners. Your first UK summer awaits you!

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