Along with its long list of other attractive attributes, London stands as one of the best cities in the world for comedy. Those relocating to this marvelous city will get their fill of guffaws that will ultimately lead to watering eyes, side splitting pain and agonizing bends, all pleasantly provided by some of the top local and international comedians.

The best part is that there are comedy clubs and venues located throughout the city, many of which are close to beautiful London flats for rent so you can enjoy amazing nights out chuckling it up with new made mates. Most of these venues provide reasonable entry fees which also makes hitting the comedy scene a great choice, especially after your recent relocation when money can be a bit tight. Some even offer pre-show meals via their on-site restaurants as well as bars that generally serve until midnight.

Following is a selection of some of the best comedy spots that you can visit from London flats for rent.

The Chuckle Club – Great comedy, inviting atmosphere and cheap drinks have made this funny venue a favorite in London for over 20 years.

99 Club Comedy – Laughter rings from this venue seven days a week. There are four clubs located in the West End which makes finding one near London flats for rent in that area a breeze.

The Comedy Store – Another great West End club, The Comedy Store is open six nights every week and is one of the hottest comedy venues in the city.

Jongleurs – There are several Jongleurs locations across London which offer shows on various nights. Jongleurs downtown provides shows on Thursday nights, Jongleurs in Hammersmith hosts comedians on Fridays and Saturdays, and Saturday night comedy can be found at their Covent Garden’s Sway and Croydon’s Tiger Tiger locations.

Comedy Camp – This award winning comedy venue is the sole city site accommodating a mixture of straight, lesbian, and gay guests. Shows are held on Tuesday nights and celebrities often show up to this club.

Amused Moose – Some of the city’s best acts keep the moose amused at this fun comedy venue. Three locations in Covent Garden, Camden and Soho provide plenty of chances for you to get in on the fun.

Comedy Café – You’ll find this exceptional comedy spot near London flats for rent in Shoreditch. Tables, food and drinks are provided so that guests can dine while watching the riveting acts.

Highlight – This happening comedy venue has three locations in the city with Highlight Watford being the largest comedy club in the world. Highlight Camden offers shows on Friday and Saturday nights, while Highlight Clapham Junction provides acts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Up the Creek – You may arrive at this comedy hotspot without the proverbial paddle, but you will make up for it by indulging in the venue’s cheap admission and tasty Thai dishes. Get out of London flats for rent to catch riveting acts, have dinner, and enjoy the savings on Fridays and Saturdays.

Laughing Horse – There are eight pub locations scattered throughout the city so finding a Laughing Horse near London flats for rent isn’t difficult. Simply follow the laughter!

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