After you choose the London flats to suit you, you should think about organizing a vacation. Whether this is with family or friends, the Eurostar is a great way to travel. London has many transport links and due to it being a major city in the United Kingdom, you can gain access to trains for almost any place in Europe. Think about these three destinations, which could be a great way to unwind after moving into your flat.

Amsterdam Eurostar For a taste of city life aside from the atmosphere surrounding your flat, take a trip to Amsterdam. Situated in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a considerably diverse destination with visitors from all over the world. Why not indulge in one of the many coffee shops that line the streets? Alternatively, purchase some souvenirs in the stalls, markets and shops. Food and beverages can be tasted here with many fast food and high-class restaurants around every corner. Prepare for the red light district though, because Amsterdam has some different rules to various other countries! You can hop on the Eurostar from London St. Pancras station for as little as £39 one-way and a return to London flats will cost you a few pounds more.

Disneyland Eurostar Moving into a flat with children means you need to take them into consideration when planning a vacation away, so think about a Disneyland break. Disneyland is the perfect destination for young children because it enables them to enjoy thrilling rides, glorious firework displays and they can even get up-close and personal with their favorite Disney characters, including Minnie Mouse and Goofy. Disneyland Paris will set you back £27.50 for a single child ticket, and £37.50 for a single senior ticket. You can choose fully flexible or semi flexible trips when you jump on the Eurostar from your flat, so it is worth thinking about what would suit you best before you invest. Paris Eurostar Aside from Disneyland Paris as a break away from London flats, think about heading to the city of Paris for a romantic holiday. Whether it is for an anniversary or a honeymoon, the bright lights and brilliant views of Paris will not leave you disappointed. Why not enjoy food at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Or head to one of the many museums? You can buy a Eurostar ticket from £69 return, which is a cost-effective option rather than choosing a flight to France. Perform some research before you leave your flat behind, to make the most of your stay and the hotel you choose to stay in when you venture to Paris.

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