Traveling in London is something that most people fret about when they first move into London apartments for rent but the truth is that it is easier than it seems. For people who are not used to commuting via public transport, it is normal to feel a little anxious and scared. Despite this, the London Underground caters to people of all backgrounds and they ensure that safety and security levels are at an all-time high, so you need not worry about anything. To travel with no stress or fuss when you live in London, learn the basics of traveling on the tube.

How Do I Plan A Journey?

Planning your journey on the tube is something you really must learn when you relocate here. You will find a metro network map that displays all routes. These routes travel all around the city, some with quicker journey times than others. When you realize you need to travel somewhere after moving to the city, you should find your nearest tube station. This is possible by performing some research or by asking other people that live here. Logos at the top of the tube stations help you to identify them better. Once you arrive in the station, find a map as soon as possible. Most maps will have color-coded lines that enable you to find routes in an easy way. For example, if you want to get from Leicester Square to South Kensington, you need to find a route between the two and then purchase a ticket when here.

How Do I Find The Correct Platform?

The next part of the process when you travel via the tube after moving into London apartments for rent is to find the platform. This could be quite confusing at first, due to there being so many platforms in each underground station. An advisor who works in the London Underground can help you with this, but if there is nobody around, you need to learn how to do this alone. Look around you for signs to the appropriate platforms and based on the route you are taking or the ticket you have bought, it should tell you what platform to catch the tube from. Try to do this in advance when getting London apartments for rent because it can get busy, so it may help to travel on the escalator when seeking out your platform.

Where Do I Get Tickets?

The most important part of traveling on the tube is buying your ticket. If you do not buy a ticket, you may not be allowed admittance onto the train. You can buy your ticket in the tube station or alternatively, get an Oyster Card, which gives you cheaper train fares when here.


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