Aside from the many useful transport links that can be found when you get London apartments for rent, a large portion of people prefer to drive their own vehicle. There is no reason why you cannot do this, but there are some things to be aware of beforehand. By preparing yourself for driving in London, you can travel around the city and return to London apartments for rent with no hassle along the way.

Road Rules

London is relatively different than other parts of the United Kingdom or in fact other parts of the world if you choose to drive here. Certain rules apply to drivers and if not abided by, you could be facing a penalty of some kind or you could even be causing a real safety risk to other drivers and pedestrians. In the UK, it is essential that drivers drive on the left hand side of the road, which is quite different to other countries so bear this in mind. If possible, acquire a leaflet detailing the Highway Code, which can be found in most RAC and AA outlets. Alternatively, pick up a copy in a bookshop or library. Passengers and drivers should be belted up at all times and if you move to London apartments for rent with small children, they should be sat in the adequate child restraint seats.

Car Rental

It is quite popular for people who move into apartments for rent to actually rent a car, rather than buy one. This is generally because traffic is so busy in the city that it limits the usage of your vehicle, and so it is much more cost-effective to find a place that offers car rental services. Greater London and other destinations throughout the city will supply this and you can use the Internet or phonebook to track a company down if you are having trouble. To avoid overspending when you move into an apartment, consider performing some research on company reliability, car range and prices.

Traffic Updates & Maps

Because the city is so inundated with motorcyclists, pedestrians, drivers, taxis and buses, you really need to understand how hectic the traffic will be every time you leave your apartment. There are many online websites that can display traffic updates, which will help you to organize your journey, especially if it is a long one. This way, if a route is blocked, you can take an alternate route. In addition to this, the roads can sometimes be challenging to navigate so pick up a map of the city from somewhere that details precisely how to get from place to place when investing in apartments for rent.

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