If you haven’t yet made the move to London, it’s just as well—you wouldn’t have been able to move around in it very easily this week.  Rail workers on strike have caused major disruptions to the Underground services, with apparently no more than 40% of trains running as of this evening.  It’s anticipated tomorrow may bring commuters some relief…I bet the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme bikes were in scarce supply this morning!  My husband decided to just run the 7 miles into work, so the mystery remains as to how he might journey back.  I must say, it certainly improved my bus service :).  According to the Daily Mail:

“Contingency plans have been put in place for dealing with the strikes, with 100 extra buses, escorted bike rides, marshalled taxi ranks, and capacity for 10,000 more journeys on the River Thames.

Volunteers were positioned at Tube, bus and rail stations to help people with their journeys and provide maps and other information.”

Well, at least it was a pleasant enough day weather-wise for people to get creative with their transport.  I shouldn’t joke, am sure it’s been nightmarish for many.  I say, folks, if it’s not up and running as hoped tomorrow morning – SICK DAY!  That scratch in your throat has been getting worse, right?  Hm, you do feel a bit warm.

Perhaps by the time you relocate to London this initiative will have already been installed for your convenience:

“The new scheme, first considered by Johnson’s mayoral predecessor, Ken Livingstone, may eventually involve the closure of the whole Zone 1 – 4 London Underground tube network. Quite simply, the rails will be made safe, be boarded over, and the tens of thousands of commuters who live in the Zones will be able to walk to work.”

That’s the latest newsflash from Here is the City, anyway…(yes, they’re kidding. You don’t read The Onion much, do you?)

Well, I can tell one form of transportation that was trustworthy today—London Relocation Ltd.‘s hired car!  That’s right, as everyone was making the difficult pilgrimage in and out of the office today, our clients were zipping through the neighborhoods with our relocation agent to meet-n-greet various lettings agents and find their ideal flat.  It’s always business per usual with us, and because these pain-in-the-arse Tube strikes do not occur with frequency, we still aim to situate you in a flat that is close to public transportation.  Safe travels!

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