Americans quickly discover that cars are not practical for local streets and often look for alternative transportation while here.  The most popular modes of transportation are public transportation but alternative means are popping up more frequently and allow users more freedom and independence than the rail or Tube.

Alternative Transportation – Cycling

In the last few years cycling has really exploded in growth.  Since London is not a very large city (in comparison to other major work metropolises) it is the perfect place to rely on a bike to get around.  The city has been receptive to cycling and has made many improvements in the areas of cycling routes and bike parks and has also addressed many safety issues.  If you are interested in learning more about cycling opportunities visit the official transport site.

Alternative Transportation – Scooters

Scooters are simply motorcycles with lower power levels.  Typically scooters range in power from 50ccs to 250ccs although new advances in technology allow them to go very fast now.  They also have walk through seating eliminating the need to straddle the bike.  Scooters are very popular with city dwellers as they are incredibly affordable compared to cars and larger bikes and do a great job navigating crowded city streets.

Alternative Transportation – Motorcycles

A step up from a scooter is a motorcycle.  These bad boys will get you where you need to go quickly and in style.  They are small enough to maneuver back alleys easily yet have the speed to take on major highways.  If you plan on traveling daily and exploring the British countryside and beyond for holidays a motorcycle might just be the answer.  Compared to cars motorcycles cost less, use much less gas and are cheaper and easier to park and store.

Just because you are living in London doesn’t mean you have to give up personal transportation.  If you look just beyond the line of stopped cars caught up in traffic you will see bicycles, scooters and motorcycles whizzing past.  If you don’t have the patience to deal with public transportation or plan on traveling frequently outside of the city you should consider alternative transportation while living in London.


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