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Difficult to get one of these on the Tube!

Fact: Transport Affects Everything in London.

It affects your daily commute, (do you really want to spend two hours a day getting to work?), which affects where you live (you don’t want to walk for 5 miles to catch the nearest Tube) and it can affect your budget…


Our list of 5 Transport Tips After Arriving in London is the first in a week-long series about Transport in London and how to navigate your new home town!



Get in the Zone…

If there is anything that needs doing as soon as possible after your relocation to London, it is figuring out how the tube works. While a car may seem more convenient, it’s really, really not!

We can definitely get you started with great advice and even help you plan the best daily commute, but the only way you are going to learn how the tube works is if you do it personally.

The first thing you have to establish is which Zone(s) you will be travelling in. The London transport network is divided into fare zones that radiate out from the centre of the city to the edge of the suburbs. The most central zone is called Zone 1 and the outer Zone is called Zone 6. The more zones that you travel in, the more you will have to pay to use the transport network. If you live in Zone 3, work in Zone 1 and only make the occasional trip out to Heathrow or other areas in Zone 6, then you should only get a Zone1 – 3 Travelcard, and load it onto your Oyster Card. If you purchase an all-inclusive Zone Travelcard, you will be paying a lot of money for unnecessary travel options.

Peak travel time for all forms of public transport is between 4:30 am and 9.30 am Monday – Friday. If you purchase a 7-day Travelcard loaded onto your Oyster Card you can travel at any time of the day and not pay any more.

I know it seems confusing now – but if you stay with us this week, you’ll have the most comprehensive guide to travel in London!

Rainbow Travel in London

The London transport system is coded by name and by color. The easiest way to remember which line you need to travel on after your relocation to London is to remember the color, but you will soon find out that all Londoners refer to the line by its name. When you’re still making your ay through the maze after moving to London, stick to the colors!

If it is your first time in the city, you need to be armed when you travel. Not with a weapon, but with your Underground Map and the incredibly useful A-Z street map. Never leave home without both of these guides after your relocation to London. After a week of commuting though, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

NB There are loads of apps you can purchase to have a map on the go after arriving in London. I like the Automobile Association App, because it’s simple to use and very functional.


I know it seems confusing now – but if you stay with us this week, you’ll have the most comprehensive guide to travel in London! Every morning, London Relocation will have a new blog about how to use London transport and navigate the city, plus the tips and tricks you’ll need to use to become a London commuter as fast as possible.



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