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We’re back for another zany installment of Weekend Warrior Sunday! Last Sunday, we met the first in a long line of Henrys to rule England, Henry I (well, obviously…). Today, we’ll wrap up his reign in a few more sentences.

Oh, Henry…times get tough as you have to suppress the rebellion of  your nephew, William Clito. Son of Henry’s brother, Robert (who, if you recall, Henry has imprisoned for life), William Clito is not quite content with the King of England’s authority in Normandy. Henry, however, is successful in thwarting a couple risings among Clito’s supporters and Norman barons, as well as defeats France’s King Louis VI, who at this time sought to consolidate his kingdom and thus attacked Normandy.

Sadly, Henry’s own son William dies in a shipwreck in 1120, leaving succession to the throne a major question. Henry’s only other legitimate heir is his daughter, Matilda. The barons, however, are irked at the thought of being ruled by a woman and aren’t thrilled with her husband, Geoffery of Anjou, either. Geoffrey and Matilda produce a male heir in 1133, and in 1135 Geoffrey requests ownership of significant Norman castles; Henry acquiesces to no such good will, however, and father-in-law and son-in-law war against one another. Henry dies in December of that same year.

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