To follow up on our previous Saturday packing tips:

When you’re packing up to move overseas to London, ensure that your breakable goods are wrapped securely in bubble-wrap or paper.  I would advise taping around each wrapped bundle as well to prevent anything from slipping out if jostled around in transit; in the case of very small objects, this tape will also remind you that it’s not merely a wad of packing material to throw away.  You’ll want to minimize said ‘jostling,’ however, by filling your boxes as much as you can—but not with all heavy items!  Common sense will tell you not to, for instance, pack a box full of books, which are stupidly heavy in mass quantities!  Um, not like I ever tried that once and almost caused my brother pull a groin muscle lifting it or anything…*insert oblivious whistling here*

Instead, try mixing your ‘hards’ with your ‘softs’:  linens, bedspreads, and kitchen and bath towels that need to be packed anyway can make for ideal wrapping around (or stuffing between) objects to ensure a tighter fit and softer landing.  I also once saw a brilliant tip to use a pool noodle as another packing supply; they’re hollow at the center, so if you slice down one side, you can insert the edge of thin items like picture frames.  These pool toys are inexpensive enough and can be cut to any desired length, customized to your belongings to buffer their edges.

Bet you’re finding packing to move abroad is a whole lot more fun now that pool noodles are involved, huh?!

London Relocation wishes you another productive weekend of moving preparations :).

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