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Welcome back to another Weekend Warrior Saturday! We’ve up to this point been discussing strategies for packing as well as what you can research already to get your logistics like visas and utilities sorted. I’d like to devote today’s post, however, to getting yourself sorted.

If you haven’t moved far from home previously, it’s easy to take your family and friend network for granted. And there is nothing like an international move to make you feel isolated even despite the amazing innovations in communication that can help keep us connected worldwide. With this in mind, you might like to start laying the groundwork for establishing local London connections. This can be beneficial from both a personal and professional standpoint.

Where career searching/networking is concerned, I rank LinkedIn at the top of the list. It adds a more personalized mode of interaction as opposed to getting lost in the masses of electronic CVs on London job sites. For accompanying spouses who are looking for part-time/temporary work, check out Women Like Us.

But from more of a socializing perspective, offers an abundance of groups like the London Expat American Meetup Group and American Families Living in London (however you slice and dice the demographic you’re looking for, likely has it!). And let’s not forget that London Relocation has its very own social network that brings expats together *cough* *hint-hint*.

This one is once again for the ladies, but many boroughs offer women’s clubs that can be especially helpful if you’re moving with a family. These include: Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club, St. John’s Wood Women’s Club, and American Women’s Club Ltd. of London.

And as for just mentally and emotionally preparing to move abroad, Robin Pascoe (who has essentially turned being a trailing spouse into a successful career!) offers her “Expat Expert” books as well as “Successful Living Abroad” video series. Nothing is more comforting than advice from those who understand firsthand, and that includes the entire staff here at London Relocation, too—remember that we’re here for you!

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