Moving to London and don’t know where to begin packing? As a Weekend Warrior, you can be productive without over-stressing or exhausting yourself. Whereas last Saturday, I focused on a packing tip of the sentimental variety, today is gets down to logistics.

For today’s tip, I must credit relocation specialist Judy Rickatson, who had this to offer on the Families in Global Transition forum on LinkedIn:

“Pack an ‘Open Me First’ carton for the kitchen, containing one mug, plate, bowl, knife, fork & spoon for everyone in the household, plus a kettle/coffee pot and any other essentials for the first day in the new home. Saves opening ALL the kitchen boxes to find what you need.”

I LOVE this tip.  After living in London for two months before our possessions were moved here from the U.S. (long story), my husband and I had been eating with plastic utensils from Marks & Spencer, so would have surely appreciated access to our own set straightaway.  Just an easy yet super helpful suggestion to keep in mind as you prepare to relocate to the UK.

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