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Welcome back, Weekend Warriors!  How’s the packing for your international move coming along? Swimmingly, I hope. Today will be just a quickie. That’s right, I’m going to just love ya then leave ya…

We’ve already addressed what to pack, what not to pack, what not to pack yet, and what to pack it all in, among other things (and I trust that all the while you’re keeping a diligent inventory list and labeling those boxes?). Well, in addition to how to pack your more fragile and intricate items, today’s packing tip for moving house comes to you straight from office of Dr. Obvious:

– Pack your heaviest items in the smallest boxes, as you clearly cannot pack many heavy things in one container and expect anyone to be able to lift it.

– When mixing heavy and light items, pack the heavy ones on the bottom. It’s grocery-bag mentality here; you wouldn’t put a carton of eggs at the bottom of your bag and heave a gallon of milk onto the top of it.

– I’ve said it before, but Dr. Obvious informs me it bears repeating, even individually light objects like books can become stupidly heavy en masse, so never pack a medium-to-large sized box entirely with books; I’d even be wary with a small one—try to stuff something light-n-fluffy in there with them.

Your boxes will nevertheless be heavy, so the good doctor prescribes that you remember the proper posture for lifting them so you don’t injure your back!  Do not bend over and lift with your back; bend at the knees and lift from the legs.

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