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It’s that time again, Weekend Warriorspacking tips time! I’m getting oh-so close to exhausting everything for you take into account when packing for an overseas move, just short of showing up at your door and wrapping up your knick-knacks myself! Today’s advice will be short-n-sweet, then, and actually elaborating on a topic we’ve already covered: keeping inventory.

One of my first posts in this series covered the importance of maintaining an inventory list of all the goods you’re packing up. I won’t be redundant and get into the whys and hows of all that again now (just go to the link to read that), but I will add to the tally is to take photographs of your most valuable items. On the reverse side of that photo, be sure to document:

– what the item is
– where you bought it
– how much you bought it for
– its make, model, and serial number

You will then want to make sure these photos are just thrown into a random box. Keep them together in a labeled envelope and keep them with you in your carry-on along with that inventory list.

Here’s hoping that all  your precious belongings have as safe and reliable a journey overseas as you do when you’re moving to London so that all will be happily reunited in that London apartment and feelin’ so good :).

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