The thought of moving from a home town to a new location is always both daunting and exciting. However, moving to a great popular place like London means that you will have great expectations and fantasies both before and after arriving. I had great expectations of my stay in London, most of which have been met although I am still pursuing more. While this may seem straightforward, living here can be a little challenging especially if you come from a less chaotic, calmer and familiar residence. Fortunately, there are quite a number of ways that you can make your living here a paradise. The following are some of the things I wish I’d known before moving to London.

  • Getting a contactless debit card is very important; get it as fast as you can. It is accepted in virtually every counter in London. This saves time, and if you have forgotten your other cards at home, this one will serve as your travel card as well.
  • The London Eye is a great modern attraction in London. However, there are quite a number of other places where you can have a 360 degree of the city without paying a penny. During the day, you can take a lift up Sky Garden or go to the terrace on the rooftops of Tate Modern’s Switch House, you will be grad that you did!
  • To save money and still have fun, take advantage of museums such as National Portrait Gallery, National History Museum, Wallace Collection, The National Gallery and Victoria & Albert Museum. These are free to visit. Add to this list as there are still more in London.
  • Mayfair Clubs should be visited much later when living in London. Here, the cheapest drinks go for triple digits. If you aren’t sure of your budget, it would serve you better to at least remember that black Hackney cabs are twice the price of Uber on your way back to your apartment.
  • Becoming a member in a gym can rip off your pockets. Instead, try fun exercise sessions in the city. If you are still the diehard gym guy, ask for discount deals where you can benefit through work. Additionally, carry your locks when going to the gym; they expect this from you because they do not offer this.
  • Oxford Circus Station is a no go zone at five or six. There are way too many people to risk being crushed on the tube. Download and install Citymapper on your phone to show you the way to a better station, you will find that it is in fact better than Google Maps.
  • For your airport needs, be sure to go to London City as your first choice, then Heathrow. Go to Gatwick if you really need to. When living or working in London you will find that it is most convenient to use London City for your airport needs.

It is very hard to get tired of London if you know where to go, what to look out for, what to expect, what to do and how much to spend.

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