Author: Anthony
Steak or shrimp in London anyone?

With service a major problem in London (especially at restaurants) the Commander in Notting hill has amazing food with amazing service. The wine list is fantastic and the meats are perfect.

Last time I ate at The Commander I had a burger to die for. The aged beef was perfect and the all-American-Canadian staff was so accommodating. To say I would recommend this place would be too light; I eat at the commander twice a week. Please, while in the beautiful area of Westbourne grove, do go by the Commander and at least have a drink and some appetizers at the bar.

Also, the conversation with the bartender reminds me of what is in North America; you can eat and drink in the bar as well if you’re alone or by yourself.


The  Commander

47 Hereford Road
London, W2 5AH
020 7229 1503

What a great place to hang!!!!

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