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Author: Colleen

Once you move to London, no need to purchase those day-by-day paper tickets to ride the Tube.  You’ll be a regular commuter, so make it easier on yourself by purchasing an Oyster Card at your local Underground station.  You will need to pay a £3 refundable deposit when first purchasing the card, as well as adding on whatever amount of money you wish to initially carry as a balance.  From there, you simply tap your Oyster Card (perhaps tucked inside the oh-so fancy yellow plastic IKEA case they’ll give you with it free) against the round yellow sensors at each turnstyle–your departure station will register where you’re departing from, and the arrival station will be the one to deduct the requisite fee now that it’s able to determine to what zone you traveled.  You are charged a discounted rate on your Oyster card as opposed to purchasing a single ticket outright, so, in addition to the convenience, it also provides you cash savings.

You can check and add to your balance anytime by either online at (registering your card here is recommended so, in the event your card is lost or stolen, your balance can be redeemed) or at the station kiosks along the wall–just tap the card on the yellow reader and follow the touch-screen instructions (be aware of which kiosks accept cash vs. credit/debit cards, as well as which will issue change).  While some portions of the National Rail service accept Oyster cards (look for the readers on the platforms), many don’t, so be sure to research online or inquire at the station as to whether or not you will need to supplement your Oyster with a rail ticket.  London Relocation Ltd. wishes you happy travels!

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