The upper deck of the 328 bus brought me eye-to-eye this morning with the yellow-green buds starting to sprout from the trees.  Ah, Spring is in the process of springing in London!!!  I’ve just returned from a wonderful week-long visit to my hometown, Chicago, and am delighted to be returning to the noticeably Springier weather.  Sure, it’s still overcast and taunting us with an impending rain shower, but the milder temps are already giving us free license to shed our woolen winter coats for lighter-weight trenches.  And the fashion is back on the streets!  When not having to layer and dress practically against the winter elements, I am finally getting my sidewalk catwalk back and giddily observing more fun footwear and colorful, whimsical clothing peeking out from thinner jackets.

I will give my hometown props for its beautiful Spring weather that for the most part still trumps London’s…with the EXTREME exception of, um, well, yeah, okay, a couple days snow.  Yep, snow.  Last Friday, I had skipped into a delightful coffee shop (one of my favorite old haunts back home) to meet good and dearly missed friends—I was sans coat as it was sunny and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  When I skipped back out a few hours later, it had since dropped 20 degrees to 45 F, and the next day we all woke up to snow-cover.  Crazy.  But that’s spring in Chicago, where March both comes in and goes out like a lion, always testing its loyal residents to the brink with one random snowstorm before officially yielding to bluer skies and greener grasses.

This weather has me feeling really restless.  Just as you will likely encounter when you move here, we’d hosted a slew of visitors last spring through fall, but this year we seem to be hitting a slow-down.  This warming climate has me antsy to go touring London’s city centre and hopping a train out to the neighboring countryside to wander…guests are the perfect excuse to do this, but we shouldn’t wait for them—we need to almost build in a playtime discipline by which we can structure our days around the fun stuff as much as the everyday responsible adult stuff.  London is a massive playground to frolic within and climb and slide upon, so don’t make excuses for not taking advantage of this immediately after your relocation.

Because London Relocation Ltd. specializes in quick-turnaround flat-hunting and moving in, that’ll carve out that much more time for you to venture out and do the things you really want to do, the things you moved here for.  Happy Spring—now get out and play!

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