Yesterday we had the privilege of having two stellar relocation professionals in our office:  Robyn Vogels of Personnel Relocations and Melissa Mehta of Impetus Coaching.

Robyn, founder of Personnel Relocations, was short-listed for Re:locate‘s 2009/2010 “Rising Star in Relocations” award.  Her agency is based in Melbourne, Australia and assists expats moving to and from that area.  Robyn herself has relocated to several locations abroad, including England and France, so, like us, she has first-hand experience with the trials and joys that come of relocating internationally and can speak to specific logistical and cultural disparities.  She is a lovely individual, and we look forward to future interaction with her, unified by our goal of finding expatriates their ideal homes-away-from-home.

Melissa is a life coach for Impetus Coaching.  Originally from England, Melissa lived abroad in the United States (Hawaii, the lucky gal!), so she also comes from an empathetic, been-there-done-that-myself point of view that is so valuable for individuals first relocating to a new country.  While London Relocation Ltd. will set you up with your UK bank account, flat, utilities, and additional support in getting acclimated to your new setting, Melissa’s services can pick up from there to help individuals and/or their trailing spouses/family members  establish renewed personal goals and work proactively to achieve them in the wake of displacement.  A warm-hearted individual, Melissa has previously written a guest post for us relating to achieving self-empowerment during what can otherwise be a vulnerable life stage.  We likewise anticipate positive collaborations with her going forward.

So needless to say, we are feeling the relocation love this week.  Our relationships with fellow industry professionals improves us as a business and enriches your personal relocation experience.  We feel privileged to have the interactions that we’ve had and continue to enjoy with our peers and our clients, who are all first-rate people with good hearts and a zest for life’s vast experiences.  Okay, group hug now 🙂

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