Author: Colleen

I have already touched on the differences in the English language between British and American terminology in my July post entitled, “Divided by a Common Language” and kindly refer you back to that blurb for links to more comprehensive glossaries found online.  Nonetheless, as the new words I’ve encountered on an everyday basis continue to pop into my mind and vocabulary, I thought I’d start up a new, intermittently recurring mini-series in posts sharing with you a lot of the terms that you are sure to encounter upon moving to London.  I don’t pretend that this will be organised in any particular way…it’s just rolling off the tongue as it comes to the brain, kids.

To maintain some semblance of order, I’ll start with a category:  food.  When you open a menu or read the price signs at the grocer’s, you may be confused about the identity of certain veggies:

courgette = zucchini

rocket = arugula

aubergine = eggplant

beetroot = beet

swede = rutabaga

coriander = cilantro

(and if you ask for or otherwise speak of herbs, don’t forget to pronounce that “H”!  Martha Stewart will be proud of you)

After London Relocation Ltd. helps you find your flat, one of the first things you’ll have to do is stock that fridge, so we hope this helps you at the market!

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