Hello all!  In this modern era of social marketing, people across the globe have been increasingly shedding paper to connect with one another over internet.  It’s the immediacy and multimedia that the web offers that makes this such an appealing means to market one’s self or business, and it’s obviously something that we at London Relocation Ltd. are partaking in more and more each day.  But this isn’t about us.

It’s time for casting votes for the Social Recruiting Awards (SOCRA), which seeks to recognize the outstanding online presence of recruiters.  Today, we want to give props to the social media efforts of a brilliant business that works in collaboration with us to assist North Americans with moving abroad.  As I’ve written in a previous blog post, Classroom Canada is an organization that assists Canadian and American teachers with finding employment in London schools.  Its owner and operator, Victoria Westcott, is a Canadian teacher who has had firsthand experience living and working in London, and her passion for both the education field and sharing her expat experiences with those making the move themselves has yielded a myriad of online resources, from blogs to e-books, aiming to assist others with their understanding of English culture, be it with regard to work or pleasure.  Her practical guidance offers an empathetic voice that knows both sides to the story, so we cannot applaud nor promote her efforts and superhuman energy more!

I can keep expressing this until I’m blue in the face, but the purpose of this post is to give YOU a say in it, too!  If you know of Victoria either through Classroom Canada or her e-published works or become familiar with these resources via the links provided here and like what you see, you can express your support by participating in the SOCRA Awards.  Here you will find information on Victoria’s Guide to Teaching in London:  A Survival Guide for Canadians and cast your vote.

Bravo, Victoria, for all the time and enthusiasm you devote to helping others–we can’t think of anyone else who deserves recognition more.  London Relocation Ltd. shares a common purpose and finds great solidarity with your mission!

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