Has the economic downturn depressed international relocations?  Evidently not for relatively higher-tiered professionals (at an average salary of $125,000).  While some individuals might feel pushed to relocate to escape their nation’s financial woes, the main impetus driving highly qualified workers is simply the career-enhancement to be attained.  In an increasingly global business climate, the workforce is becoming global as well, so moving abroad is a strategy that can open the gates to new business opportunity and expand one’s knowledge and skill set in international business relations.  The personal enrichment one gains from making this lifestyle shift—i.e., opening one’s mind to new cultures and challenges—likewise contributes to one’s value as a company asset.

If you’re among the many who are feeling the itch to relocate to broaden your professional and personal horizons, the best advice for finding the right job to make it happen is to be very proactive and go beyond internet-surfacing.  “Surfing the internet will never provide the specialist advice – or facilitate actual job opportunities –  that recruitment consultancies and head hunters can provide,” says Tim Smeaton, Chief Executive Officer of Hydrogen Group, for whom a significant study on global mobility was conducted.

For more details on this study’s findings for relocation trends, please consult Re:locate’s article, “Top professionals want careers abroad – and the recession is no barrier.”

London Relocation Ltd. wishes you much luck on your job search and is here for you when you’re ready to move over and move in!

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