A relocation to London can be a frightening prospect when even the unseen challenges of moving overseas are an ongoing presence weighing on your mind and heart. Hey, I understand—just like all the London Relocation agents, I’ve been there and done that. My relocation to London from the US was fraught with heartache over what I was leaving behind and sheer fear of what would lie ahead; for as much as you can anticipate in advance, there’s always something lurking in the shadows waiting to leap out at you or prey on your mind in the night as you try to sleep. I’ve lived to tell my horror story and love living in London as a result, but it’s a fact that having a relocation company with the heart and soul of our London Relocation agents on your side is an invaluable resource for exposing any monsters hiding under the bed (i.e., shady landlords, lettings agents, or lease terms) and warding off evil through the goodness of expat empathy and genuine compassion.

The stress of relocating shall pass into the annals of your own personal history, but the intrigues of London’s past forever lives on in its present. Even London’s pubs have interesting histories, and as I’ve been describing the last couple days, they bear the emotional baggage of some long-term “tenants” of their own… To continue my series, here’s a few more haunted pubs to check out:

Morpeth Arms – 58 Millbank, Westminster, SW1P. This pub’s cellar used to hold prisoners before they were shipped to Australia and is now haunted by the ghost of a man who died trying to escape. Pub staff feel presences and see cloaked figures.

The Old Bull & Bush – North End Road, North Hampstead, NW3. This 1721 public house has been haunted by a dark Victorian figure for over a hundred years…and no wonder: a skeleton and Victorian surgical instruments were discovered bricked up behind its cellar wall!

The Old Queen’s Head – 44 Essex Road, Islington, N1. Sir Walter Raleigh used to frequent the pub once standing on this site, but the present-day building is haunted by a Tudor woman and her weeping child. Listen for their footsteps running down passageways and look out for doors opening and closing.

The Rising Sun – 38 Cloth Fair, Smithfield, EC1. A former 18th century hostelry, this establishment was, according to local legend, a meeting place for body snatchers. Because of its proximity to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, there are tales that these men used to drug and murder pub patrons to sell their cadavers to doctors, but the truth of this is not known. What staff does know, however, is that there are several presences running about, as experienced through such phenomena as tugging on bedsheets and shower curtains, the feel of an icy hand, and the sound of footsteps.

The Spaniards Inn – Spaniards Road, Hampstead,  NW3. 18th century highwayman Dick Turpin’s father was the landlord of this property, so Dick is believed to haunt its upstairs quarters while his horse, Black Bess, haunts the parking lot. The pub is also graced by the spirit of “Black Dick,” a moneylender who was run down by a coach on the road outside and who’s been reported to tug on patrons’ sleeves.

Scared much? Are you going to have to sleep with your nightlight on tonight? Well, London Relocation’s honest and quality service is why its employees can sleep at night, and they’ll give you sweet dreams, too—by dispelling your worries over the nightmare that can otherwise be an international relocation and giving you a lovely rental for resting your weary head.

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