One of the more stressful aspects of an international relocation to London is deciding which part of the city to live in. Where you work, attend school, and other lifestyle factors are going to direct this choice and is something that your London Relocation agent will assist you with narrowing down based on his/her expertise.

My husband and I are celebrating our third-year anniversary this week! It’s amazing to think that we’d first moved over counting on it only being for two years, and now here we are, one extra year later and the time remaining still a question mark. This is the case for a lot of expats moving here—you think you’re only here for the short-term, but a love of job, local person, and/or life itself often keeps you here a bit longer. My friends who are American expats living in London have been saying the same thing ever since I moved here as it proved to be true for them. The friend whose baby shower I’d attended Saturday (and wrote about here) had initially moved to London for a six-month work assignment; little did she expect to meet the love of her life here and eventually move back to be with him, and now here they are, married and expecting their first child in London. They currently live in Chelsea and own a holiday cottage in the Cotswolds, yet parenthood may take them to a family-friendlier neighborhood in London that gives them more space for everyday life. That’s life indeed, and expats living long enough in London will realize that shifts in lifestyle may warrant a shift in location as well.

To ultimately pursue a related note—and continuing on from my previous post about east London—yesterday I kicked off my day back in east-central London again, this time for breakfast with my husband at Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen. It’s got an urban loft-like, comfy yet swanky feel, and it’s huge! I had the ricotta hotcakes with banana and honey, and my husband had the scrambled eggs with salmon—both of us were very satisfied, and the coffee was deelish. The restaurant is located right next to one of fellow culinary star Jamie Oliver’s, Barbecoa, which we’ve yet to try, and both are situated inside the One New Change shopping center—the east side of the City center has not been renowned for its shopping or dining options, so this center aims to help breath new life into this vicinity of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Anyway, to get back on point, after breakfast I went to visit yet another American expat friend living here who has recently had her first child. She and her husband have moved to the family-friendly neighborhood of East Dulwich, which is south of the Thames and within the SE postcode. Without a doubt the next Nappy Valley to follow Clapham, every woman I saw all day was either pregnant or pushing a pram. With a quieter residential feel, more affordable rent, and many boutique, café, and pub options, it’s a very cute area and meets a lot of families’ needs. My friend, her lovely daughter, and I started out with coffee at Blue Mountain Café on North Cross Road then moved on to The Actress pub for pints and dinner—great pizza!

Needless to say, I’m enjoying all these new excuses for getting better acquainted with east London, and you, too, can learn more about its apartment rental options by consulting with one of our Relocation agents.

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