If you’re moving to London, you’re probably researching which area of it to live in. It’s common for expats to opt for something central, be they relocating for a job located in the City’s financial district or perhaps moving for school at one of the many universities. The city centre is also where most of London’s classic sites are found, which are still fun to see when you’ve gone from tourist to expat—your visitors staying on in your new  apartment, at any rate, are going to want to find those attractions.

I’ve mentioned time and again that I personally live in west London where a lot of American expats do tend to gravitate. That’s not why my husband and I chose it, though; it was sort of a fluke, and we’d decided we liked the environment of it. It also made for easy transport into the City for my husband’s work. Well, over the weekend I wrote about how I’d become acquainted with a new neighborhood on London’s east side, Limehouse, located in Tower Hamlets along the river. (on a side note, a friend of mine who used to live in that area said that residents of Tower Hamlets get to visit the Tower of London for just £1!) It seems east London has continued to beckon me this week, as I keep returning there for something else lately.

Whether you end up living or working in the EC postcode, Smithfield, Farringdon, and Clerkenwell definitely make for a fun evening out. I’d met my husband after work recently over there, and we had dinner at the highly recommended Vinoteca wine bar. The wine, of course, was excellent, and the food amazingly flavorful and just the right portion. It’s an intimate space and seems to fill quickly, but even though we’d resigned ourselves to the side bar area (and were perfectly content there as we opened our bottle of wine and snacked on a cheese platter), we were seated at a table well before our entrees were served, which we thought was very thoughtful of the wait staff considering we’d been just fine and new patrons continued to enter. The dim atmosphere makes for a romantic coziness. Afterward, we made our way to the nearby Fox and Anchor gastropub for a pint, which has a classic pub ambiance and quality service, then onto the Charterhouse, which is a bit more clubby late night, for a final nightcap.

Those were the particular spots we hit that night, but there are a number of restaurant and pub choices in that immediate vicinity. A short wander toward the Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell also delivers you to a patch of dining venues, including the Caravan café where I recently joined some American expat friends for a casual baby shower—it has a rustic yet contemporary atmosphere that makes for a classy coffee or cocktail, and even just their interesting array of starters make for a light mix-n-match meal if there with a group. More on my recent east London excursions in case this side of the city could be a target for your move—please ask our London Relocation agents about it if you’d like to learn more about the area.

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