If you’ve completed your relocation, then you’ll know that moving to London can be exhilarating even as it offers a challenge in terms of adapting to your new home. There’s the challenge of moving into a new flat in a new neighborhood, having to learn how to get around, meeting new people, not to mention your new job and learning that too. This can be as exhausting as it is exciting as your internation relocation.

One of the most important things about moving to London, or any new city is figuring out how you’ll get around for your daily routine as well as figuring out a means of transport for occasions outside of your Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 schedule. Given that you’re new to the city; private transport such as a car wouldn’t be a good idea initially. You really don’t want to be in your new car only to have to waste time and gas figuring out how to get to your destination and then only to get there and then have to try to find parking.

Relocation in London – Round, Round, Getting around

Fortunately, London does offer convenient options when it comes to public transport, as people who have recently landed relocation jobs in London know. Getting a cab, for instance, can be as easy as standing on the pavement (that’s the sidewalk) and holding out your hand for any of the famous black cabs. Just know that they also come in green, red and sometimes even pink, which, given the name, can be confusing.

The underground train service (or the Tube) is the most recognized form of transport that the city has to offer. It’s relatively cheap compared to the cost of taking a car, service is regular and it caters to almost any area. Get an Oyster Card and you’ll save even more by travelling on the underground.

Moving  can be challenging as it can be with any moving to any city. Figuring out how to make your way around your new city and your relocation will help to make the move a lot easier to adapt to. Now get out there and start figuring it out. The best way to figure out the city is to go out there and figure out the city.

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