Those of you who are moving here, planning a vacation, or just plain enamored with the city and looking to discover as much as you can about it, I just wanted to give the heads up that London Relocation is participating in the “A to Z Blogging Challenge” starting this Friday, April 1st. That may be April Fool’s Day, but I’m not foolin’ ya—I already post to our blog every day any way, but this time it will be within alphabetical parameters; i.e., every post (except on Sundays, when we’ll have our regularly scheduled Weekend Warrior Sunday history lesson) will be inspired by the letters of the alphabet, in order. You can expect, then, a fairly random assortment of topics, though probably not any more random than what I already post on all-things-London…

So, as usual, I’ll introduce sights to see, places to eat and drink, neighborhoods to live in, and assorted other property and moving tips for getting sorted with that new apartment of yours.

Now I’ll be a true lady of letters. 😉

So please do drop on by if you’re keen to see what the next letter will stir up in this alphabet soup of sorts!

As the song goes:

Then you’ll know your  ABCs.

Next time won’t you call us, please.” 🙂

That way we can supplement your new-found knowledge and help with your move by searching plenty of apartments to rent—which will in turn allow you more time to graduate beyond the ABCs and do some experiential learning!

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