If you’re researching your move to London, I don’t know if you realize what an impressive food culture you’re venturing into. The Brits generally get a bad rap for their food, but once you’re properly living here land veering off the well-worn tourist path, you’ll discover its diverse, quality global offerings as well as delight in its traditional fare (see “Move to London and Eat Yer Humble Pie,” in homage of the British meat pie, for example).

One particularly lovely discovery I’ve made since relocating to London is a restaurant called Bumpkin. With two locations at present in west London (Notting Hill and South Kensington), Bumpkin serves up fresh, seasonal British foods that offer the cozy comfort of traditional country dishes with a cosmopolitan twist that reinvents each menu item with exciting flavor combinations. You can find the classic meat and potato fare along with superbly spiced fish, risotto, salads, etc. And it’s open all day, so whether you want brunch or dinner, creamy cappuccino or a fine wine, a light bite or a substantial dish to tuck into, Bumpkin and its casual chic ambiance is one that pleases a range of different tastes. That’s precisely why I like to take out-of-town visitors there; there’s something for everyone, and the staff is always very friendly and attentive.

Just another venue to add to your list as you anticipate your big move and will be keen to get out and explore new restaurant options after all is settled with your new flat!

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