I realize that if you’re reading this blog, you may not have yet transferred here for a job or studies and are still researching how to proceed with moving abroad.  Yet in view of my present day’s activities, I feel I would be remiss not to give you the early heads-up on the inevitable once you relocate to London…

Can you hear it?  That ghostly, whispering voice rippling through the cornstalks?  No?  Concentrate.  That’s it; listen closely:

“If you move there, they will come.”

What was that?

“If you move there, they will come.”

They will.  And don’t be surprised if they come in droves.  Yes, oh, yes, people will visit you.  It’s the price to pay for moving to such a cool city (and if you still need convincing of that, check out my Top 10 reasons to move to London), but no worries, it won’t be nearly as difficult as building a baseball diamond in a cornfield.  And, dare I say it, it will be fun.  Phew, right?!

Today I am cleaning the flat in preparation for such visitors who are arriving tomorrow.  If my calculations are correct, this will be the 15th round of guests that we’ve hosted since March 2009.  #16 and 17 are already scheduled for next month (don’t ask me how, but we managed to double-book), bringing the grand total of people who will have slept in our flat (besides ourselves) in 20 months to…*drumroll*…TWENTY-EIGHT.  That’s 28 different people, too, not repeats.  Gawd, I hope our landlord gives us our deposit back after all the wear-and-tear on this place…hopefully he doesn’t mind the revolving door we’ve installed.

But to get on with it.  The general fine, upstanding host things to do for your guests are:

– Clean your place.  Scrub, if you will.

– Fresh linens on their designated sleeping arrangement, be it your second bed or sofa/inflatable mattress if you only have a one-bedroom flat (aerobeds work great!).

– Fresh bath, hand, and wash towels for each of them.

– Sort out schedules, giving them an extra set of keys if necessary to ensure they feel comfortable coming and going as they please.

– Don’t feel obligated to do so every day, but it’s a nice gesture to have coffee/tea/juice and some pastries set out for them on their first morning.  It’s courteous to have some snacks on hand as well, but, again, don’t dare feel obligated to feed them all their meals.  They’ve budgeted for this vacation, so will anticipate (if not prefer) dinners out, and you can always point out the local grocery stores if they want to stock up on their own provisions.  Never forget how much you are saving them by providing accommodation alone, and they’re likely getting a free tour guide to boot!

Tune in tomorrow for the London-specific things to do in order to accommodate the friends and family who will visit you in your new London home!

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS