Author: Colleen

If your pet is relocating to London with you, the complications surrounding shipping Man’s Best Friend over here might become Your Worst Enemy.  Nah, it shouldn’t be too insurmountable an obstacle for you as long as you do your research plenty ahead of time.  To get you started, below are several websites that may prove useful resources in answering your questions (as well as relocation services): – UK import rules and requirements; also provide pet relocation services Moving:  What About My Pet? – article on pet travel, including a comprehensive list of questions you should be asking

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) – general UK regulations on animal transfers

Air Animal – flight FAQs & relocation services

Additional pet relocation services from which you can obtain quotes for comparison:


Jet Set Pets

Pets On The Move Ltd.

Non-pet-people (including myself) may find it difficult to understand why anyone would go through the extra aggravation of transporting a pet internationally.  In response to this moving issue is a moving (in another sense) poem that I recall Jimmy Stewart reciting on the Tonight Show years ago about his dog Beau.  I’ve never even owned a dog, but this coupled with ‘Marley & Me’ reduce me to a weeping infant and teach me to never place judgment on another’s love of an animal as a member of the family.

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