I’ve read articles before about how moving abroad is good for you—it expands your mind with new perspectives and can cultivate adaptability and problem-solving. Today in particular I just found some survey results by ACS International Schools that may interest you if you’re relocating to London with children and needing to enroll them in school. ACS alumni attest that attending an international school successfully developed their “soft skills” (e.g., critical thinking and time management) to a greater extent than those enrolled in UK schools with prescriptive curricula geared toward national qualification exams. A majority of ACS’s past students felt better prepared for entering the workforce, as they’d developed an enhanced cultural awareness. This diversity in perspective likely contributes to the other key qualities they cited in the survey, like effective communication and an inspired curiosity that encourages asking more questions. Over half the respondents also mentioned self-management, and I can certainly understand how this intrinsic discipline can emerge at any school abroad when one is having to make a go of all-new surroundings and peers outside the comfort zone of home. Braving a new world can be empowering and foster such maturity and independence, for children and adults alike! ACS provides this video in which Educational Consultant Rebecca Grappo further speaks to the benefits of international schools in particular:

If you and your family of school-age children are renting an apartment is one thing and sending your kids to a school quite another where relocation logistics are concerned. You might consider the possibility of an international school, so I’ll write more on this topic as the week continues—stick with us!

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