For those relocating to London, I’m starting to wind down this series in which I share my personal journal on first moving to London in 2008 (see the previous posts starting from here). Written about my first month living in London, these entries have so far covered my three-week experience staying in short-term accommodation in London hotels as well as the two weeks that I spent viewing flats on my own, regrettably without the help of a London relocation agent that would have saved a tremendous amount of time and money. Who knew? (Hopefully YOU do by now!) And so, as I now present the penultimate post to this series, I’ll share the miscellaneous observations I made as a brand new expat:

23.10.08 [continued]

Random observations that I’m for whatever reason compelled to document: the crazy, cussin’-n-spittin’ old man that I thought would knock me down in the Brompton Cemetery (the first of many crazy old men talking to themselves encountered on the streets); the bitter American woman loudly proclaiming to her male companion (husband?) at the pub that the English are “arrogant bastards,” as she then exits dramatically, expecting her man to be right behind her, but who instead dumps her remaining beer into his own glass and chugs it, and then follows her out with a too-small-for-his-stature backpack slunk onto one shoulder; the recurring fashion—black opaque tights with denim skirts, skinny jeans tucked into boots; two sightings of paramedics tending to a victim lying on the sidewalk/street (I don’t know, I just think it’s strange I’ve never seen this before, but now have twice in my first 3 weeks weeks here); a drunk guy kicking a moving car in Piccadilly Circus and the driver flying out to knock said drunk down on his ass in one blow (he actually skidded on the asphalt, and the argument ensued for longer than the dudes’ respective woman friends and rest of traffic would have preferred).

Ah, yes. Gotta love the nightlife in its most touristy spots. Piccadilly Circus is certainly not one of my favorite spots, though I do enjoy venturing to London’s theatre district for live performances as well as just reveling in the vibe of the bright lights, restaurants, and theatre-goers (our next show will be Flare Path, starring Sienna Miller). And for the record, I do not share that boozy American woman’s sentiments! But I was dying of curiosity as to what happened to piss her off so much…

But my gosh, in reading this entry over, I’ve painted a violent picture! Please take my word for it that these are not things I’ve seen in abundance since then. More likely, this was the perspective of a sheltered gal who was getting used to living in a city again after a few years in the suburbs. 🙂 Anyway, join me tomorrow as I conclude my “Moving to London: The American Expat in London Diaries” series with more of the randomness that followed my move here.

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