If you are going to be moving to London for a few years ,and you have pets that you would like to bring with you, then you will have to be organised to bring them over with you fast. The process is not complicated, but there are a number of regulations governing the movement of pets into the United Kingdom. If you are bringing a pet with you and moving into a London rental apartment or home, then you will have to find out if the property that you are living in allows pets, and whether or not there are adequate areas in the neighbourhood to exercise your pet. If you are bringing a larger animal such as a horse, into the country, then you will have to find a property that is close to stables and exercise facilities. England is a horse lover’s paradise though, and even in London, there are a number of parks that have excellent facilities for riders and stabling for horses.

Moving to London – Pet Passport

Yes. There is a pet passport that you have to have before your pet will be allowed into the country. The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) allows for the free movement of pet dogs, cats and ferrets into the United Kingdom from Europe without having to have your animal quarantined. Since 2002, this has been extended to 50 other countries around the world, including the USA and Canada. All pets, including horses must have the following documentation before they will be allowed entry into the United Kingdom:

  • A Pet Passport
  • Blood test results to ensure that the vaccine for rabies has reached the required level of protection. Be advised that as soon as you have made the decision that you will be living in London you need to get your pets vaccinated, as they will only be issued with a Pet passport six months after receiving the rabies vaccine.
  • All your pets must be micro chipped for identification purposes and be vaccinated with all of the required age related vaccines
  • All pets must have been treated for ticks and tapeworms not less than 24 hours before travelling.

If your pets do not fulfill the requirements then they will have to be quarantined in kennels in London for up to six months after arrival. You will be able to visit them, but they will not be allowed home with you until they have passed all of the stringent requirements for pets in the United Kingdom. If you have certain breeds of dogs, you must make sure that they are allowed into the UK; Pit Bull Terriers, for example, are not allowed into England, under the Dangerous Dog Act.

Having your pets around you will make you feel more at home after you have completed your move to London, so get started early if you want your pooch to travel with you.

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