You’ve taken the leap and decided that you’re moving to London. Before you start looking at ads for accommodation, you should contemplate conducting research from people already living there and ask them to recommend affordable places in the area. The internet and advice from others might seem like the ideal solution but you are the best judge in determining which area would suit your needs. It is advisable to wait until you arrive to find accommodation. You can stay in short term accommodation; possibly a serviced apartment while searching for a suitable place.

You can also make use of the services of a relocation agent and arrange to come for short visit on a flat-hunting trip prior to moving. Since the relocation agent will be familiar with your needs and what London has to offer in terms of accommodation you can search for a place to live with ease. You will be able to see the neighbourhoods and get a sense of the surroundings to see if they are compare with your needs. You must ensure during the flat-hunting process that you take notes about which neighbourhoods, streets and buildings you like and the ones you might want to steer clear of as that can make a distinct difference in finding your new home.

If for example you are relocating from the United States be aware that London housing costs are significantly higher in comparison. You may find a flat costing £600 per week which is the equivalent of US$4000 per month including council tax and utilities. So ensure that you conduct effective research as there areas in London that are cheaper to live in but would still be considered expensive in US terms.

Accommodations here  caters for people with varied needs and backgrounds and thus offers an extensive assortment of flats which include studios, two bedroom flats to five/six bedrooms for your convenience. Finding accommodations can be pretty overwhelming and even though friends and the internet might mean well, your needs would be best served doing the groundwork yourself.

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