Author: Colleen

Yep, we’ve been there. No worries, you are certainly not alone in feeling like you’re driving in the wrong lane and going in circles when it comes to tackling all the logistics involved in an international move.

Moving to a new country is one of the most enlightening yet stressful life changes one can undertake–it’s certainly not a “Vacation”…it’s a new everyday way of living! There are endless factors involved–some that are obvious that you can plan for, some that are obscure and take you by surprise. At London Relocation Ltd., we will help smooth over those stumbling blocks as best as we can. We understand how the property market here works, so you won’t have to pull out your pocket translator Clark-Griswald-style to understand–we’ll help manage your expectations in advance and proceed to find you the highest quality living accommodation meeting your requirements and negotiate the lease on your behalf. We can even help you find that spare room for when your Cousin Eddie comes to visit.

Our forte is flat-hunting and setting you up with a UK bank account, but never hesitate to contact us regarding other questions you may have about life here. We also welcome you to interact with the members of our team with your concerns, as we have a lovely community of expats already living in London who are eager to share their experiences and plan social outings with you when you arrive! The locals are so very friendly, too:

Cheers from London Relocation Ltd.–we wish you the hap-hap-happiest life!

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