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Expats moving to London – Professional and cultural opportunities in one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. Whether you’re arriving from continental Europe, the USA or even further afield, moving to London is at once thrilling and daunting.


Kenneth Walsh, our Global Mobility Specialist, said that the top concerns and questions from London Relocation clients were

How much will it cost?

            Which area will suit me and my family?

            Can I get my children into a good school?

Other important questions about moving to London? Lease negotiation, setting up a bank account, utilities, Internet and what happens on ‘Moving In Day’. Families being transferred for work may assume that all the details will be taken care of, but quite often they aren’t: Banking, schools, local doctors. When it comes to searching for a suitable property,  factors like convenient amenities and daily services are important. Things that you need to live – or things that you can’t imagine living without – need to be factored into your choice.

London Relocation’s Moving Coach, Devon Lampard works with individuals and families making the move to London and guides them through the process. A move abroad is not easy and can be made more complex if you’re moving with a partner and/or children who will be experiencing the same emotions and fears that you are: Working as a team is the best way to make the transition easier, faster and better.

Journalist Jenny Conlon wrote an excellent article about young professionals moving from Ireland to London and the difficulties she experienced with her own move to London three years ago. While still an international move, Ireland is considerably closer than North or South America. She writes about the need for information and planning before making the move and ends her column with the best advice – Don’t be afraid to ask for advice!

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