London is a very unique city and an exciting destination for tourists and professionals from all over the world. This is one of those nice cities that travelers visit multiple times and still never have enough of it. It makes you keep coming back for more doing and experiencing many unique things every time you are back.

To those who are wildly excited by adventure travel, wilderness and nature, a visit to London city makes them reconsider their touristic priorities and tastes. London is full of special and exciting attractions that entice visitors to come back for more. But what exactly makes London so different?

London is well connected to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world

London is different from most other world cities in many respects. Not only is it the business hub for the UK and EU, it is well connected to other parts of the world. London city is the first landing point for every flight coming from the West and other parts of the world. There are trains and buses to anywhere that you want in the city. The public system is one of the best in the world where you can walk or catch a bike, a cab, a bus, a train or an airplane in no time.

It is also easy to move out of London headed to any direction in the world. This means you can afford to walk around and sample adjacent places of your choice without worry that you will get late. There are options to take quick means to your destination or faster ones with an extra cost.

Nature lovers are also welcome and taken care of

Unlike many cities in the world, London welcomes both city lovers and nature die-hards. In addition to sampling historical and important landmarks in London, (these are so many including London Eye, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Royal Albert Hall, Oxford Street, Shakespeare’s Globe and Hyde Park among many others), nature and wilderness lovers need not out of the city.

They have their attractions too where they can enjoy The Thames and other natural attractions. Tourists can take a boat and enjoy exciting feeling and sceneries. The river also provides an exciting biking opportunity along its course, the most favorite on my side being around the Kew Gardens in the woods.

To enjoy nature once you want a break from the many exciting activities in the city, you can visit the many parks in the city. Some are more fauna-oriented while others are more flora-oriented, the choice is always yours. You can also head to the countryside surrounding the city to enjoy the maximum- and it is only a few train minutes.

There is something to discover every day

Even for those who have lived all their lives in the city, London offers them something new to discover every day. This makes the city very different from others in the world. There are countless things you can do in the city. One life-time is not enough. What you only need is the spirit and ingenuity in your approach.

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