Author: Colleen

De-de-de-DE de-de-de-DE, de-DE DE-de-DE-de-DE-de…de-de [insert screech of needle scratching vinyl record album here]–STOP!!!!  DON’T GET IT STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!!  I’m not talking about the Suzanne Vega song, “Tom’s Diner,” for cripe’s sakes…I’m talkin’ TOM’S DELI!!!  It’s a most fabulous daily sandwich stop for me.  Yes, primarily because I’m lazy and don’t often walk much further than across the street from the office, but also because their sandwich variety is top-notch, and if you did want to dine-in, they offer cosy seating in a nostalgic atmosphere of vintage decor and retro packaged treats.  As I wait for my afternoon cappuccino to brew, I delight in the selection of pre-packaged sandwiches constructed from fresh and healthy ingredients (well, mostly healthy…there’s a chorizo and cheese baguette I’ve been eyeing for a while…) or the cakes–oh, the cakes!–propped so sweetly in both the figurative and literal sense on their lil’ cake stands (one of my goals in life is to own one of those stands, with a newly baked, spongy cake frosted as a candy-coated marvel being the focal point of my kitchen each day).  Even though my dash-in and dash-out habits typically render my daily stay at Tom’s no more than 5 minutes, it’s a charming bit-o-my day that gives me that warm fuzzy feeling of coming home.  Better yet, the owner, Tom Conran, likewise runs the fine establishments of Crazy Homies and Lucky 7, two nearby venues (click here for our previous blog post on the former).

Speaking of HOME [insert shameless plug here]…let London Relocation Ltd. find you one close to good ol’ friends like Tom’s restaurants!

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