Last night I attended a charity event at Notting Hill’s Tabernacle.  A friend had invited me since she’d received tickets from one of the opening performers (, and, really, all I’d been looking forward to was the chance to catch up with good friends and enjoy some live music with my cocktails.  When I finally started to wrap my brain around what the event was actually for, I felt a rush of optimism and goodwill for what this charity organization is seeking to accomplish.

The charity, you ask?  Honeypot.

In operation since 1996, Honeypot has been returning the joys of childhood to children who have otherwise had to grow up too quickly out of neglect and/or having to assume adult responsibilities around the household, such as when parents suffer from physical/mental illness or substance abuse.  From their website:

“They have no time to just be children. When not at school they might be cooking, washing, cleaning, changing dressings, bathing, or offering emotional support. This leaves little time for their own social and personal development, putting them at high risk of depression, anxiety, poor mental or physical health, social problems, isolation, bullying and absence from school.”

After a referral and home visit, Honeypot arranges to transport up to twelve children at a time, whisking them away on their minibus to Honeypot House, located on seven acres just outside New Forest:

“Activities such as riding a bike, learning to swim, paddling at the beach, painting a picture, or simply playing freely in the fresh air without the need to worry are often experienced for the first time by the children who visit us.”

To learn more about how you can contribute to such a worthwhile mission through volunteering or donations, please visit the Honeypot website at

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