Attention, Shoppers, oh will you like this…

Moving to London entails schlepping a lot of the worldly goods you already have over the ocean, yet it often also means leaving a lot of your stuff behind.  The availability of furnished flats in London makes it more desirable to leave your own furnishings at home, whether you sell them, loan them, or put them in storage.  Moving it all can be expensive, not to mention just a pain if it’s not a long-term relocation, and if you’re in the situation that my husband and I were when we moved (i.e., not having a flat lined up in advance, so just living out of a hotel until you find one), you simply don’t know what sort of space you’ll end up with to determine what will/won’t fit or to what extent you’ll be able to decorate, etc.  Even if you’re able to rent a place with the major furnishings, you will find that there’s always something else that you need, be it a piece of furniture, home decor, pots/pans, and especially appliances.  (Read my previous blog post on how differences in voltage will impact what appliances you can or can’t bring from home.)

Right, then.  So if you’re daunted by how much shopping you’re going to have to do and how to get it all home if you won’t have a car here and don’t want to pay the hefty cab fare, here’s a heads-up on Westfield shopping center in Shepherd’s Bush, London:

– Shop hands-free:  Westfield’s concierge service will arrange to pick up your bags when you make purchases and have them ready for you to collect at the end of your shopping excursion.  This means you’ll be able to walk the mall freely without lugging everything around.  This service costs only £7.50!  As it is a popular option, try to arrange for this during off-peak times.

Home delivery:  Like most expats, you probably won’t have a car.  You could hire a taxi, mini-cab, or Zip Car rather than haul everything on public transportation, OR you could simply cough up a few extra £ for home delivery service.  Rates may vary depending on where you are shipping to, but one of our clients just used the service yesterday for only £17 for delivery to Maida Vale.

You can get to the shopping center via Tube by taking the Central Line to the Shepherd’s Bush station.  Overground rail service also runs there in addition to a plethora of bus lines.  Sound good?  Then get out there and get your consumer thang on!

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS