As I update our blog daily, I find that I am often able to cross-reference previous posts I’ve written, as their advice on moving still rings true over time.  So I thought I’d offer a compilation of links here to some of my favorite groupings as a start to helping you sift through the labyrinth of information.

Drumroll, please?  I’ll list them in order of the general relocation progression (i.e., planning, packing, flat-finding, touring, and assimilating!):

1.  The “Top 10 Reasons to Move to London” two-part series (found under the London Tips & Culture category) that can give you some food for thought if you’re still deciding whether you want to move, or if you’ve already decided and just need to get psyched about it!

2.  The “Weekend Warrior Saturday” series (found under the—go figure—Weekend Warriors category) that offers you ongoing step-by-step packing tips as an expat preparing to move overseas.  Make the most out of your weekends while preserving your sanity by not leaving it to the last-minute.  These are posted every Saturday, so keep checking back for updates!

3.  The “What to Expect in a Flat” mini-series (found under the London Property Tips category), which takes you room by room, feature by feature of what you can anticipate your new  flat will or will not potentially offer you.  A large part of moving here is adjusting your expectations to be on the same page with your reality.

4.  The “London Bundle” series (found under the Day-Touring category), which still has room to grow and encompass new neighborhoods, though as of now covers the bulk of the popular Central and West London.  These posts are for when you’ve moved here and gotten through the nitty-gritty of finding a flat and getting settled into it—get ready to play and focus your familiarization of noteworthy sites area by area.

5.  The “Speaking the Queen’s English” series (found under the Language Barriers category) to guide you through common British English terminology that you’re guaranteed to encounter on a daily basis.  I devoted four parts to food alone to help with groceries and menus!  Even if you are a non-UK English speaker, you’ll be surprised how much we’re divided by a common language…

Hopefully these groupings will help you wrap your mind around your move.  I’ll continue to post Top 5s in the future featuring individual articles that can assist through each stage of the planning process.  Cheers!

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