Author: Colleen


In follow-up to my last post, Crazy Homies was a success!  As the name would indicate, it’s a crazy-fun environment that exudes Mexican elements with urban edge, East Los Angeles-style.  Probably the smallest restaurant in which I’ve ever eaten (so getting a seat is likely difficult at its busier times, though we were seated right away on a Friday night), the flashy 70s-ish/Day-of-the-Dead decor compensates for the size with dazzling projected light and upbeat music.  The margaritas were indeed splendid, but the best part for me was FINALLY an enchilada that tasted like what I knew back home (for as authentic as “American Mexican” food can be regarded).  Honestly, so, SO good, at least in my personal opinion.  I know what I like; if doesn’t meet your preferences, I think if you’re an American moving to London, it’ll at least be enough to tide you over until your next trip home.  Satisfied in this respect, I now further refine my quest to one specific aspect:  mole sauce.  In the meantime, while it can be a complex sauce to make on one’s own, I have a great short-cut recipe if you’re interested 🙂  Adios for now!

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