If you’re making an international relocation to London, I’m making your London move more festive with my second annual London Relocation Twelve Days of Christmas! Carrying on from yesterday, the next line in the original is: “On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me six geese a-laying.

Please join me in now singing our Christmas carol:

“On the sixth day of Christmas, London gave to me…


I know, that sounds really morbid, doesn’t it…but it’s a reality in the UK where the flocks of Canadian geese have become a nuisance—wreaking havoc among crops and soiling public places with their abundant and toxic excrement. These little buggers were first introduced to England in 1665 by King Charles II as an exotic and ornamental new species (gee, thanks, Champ), and, in London, you can readily spot them in pond locations like St. James’s Park and Hyde Park, congregating among the many other species of waterfowl. Hunting is one mode of pest control, but at present I believe it’s still illegal to actually sell Canadian goose meat in markets, stores, and restaurants. This could change soon, though, if it hasn’t already (top chefs are highly recommending it), but you can still shoot and cook up your own if you like—hunting them is legal between September and February and at other times of year IF they’re legitimately destructive to one’s crops in the countryside. Aim for the head. And read this Daily Mail article if interested in more info on this phenomenon and cuisine ideas for servin’ ’em up: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2022964/Canada-geese-overrun-parks-Top-chefs-answer-turn-dinner.html. Perhaps one of the more random facts I could share with you about an international relocation. 🙂

Now, to continue our caroling:

“…five Olympic rings!
More calling plans,
pretty fresh hens,
sea turtle tanks,
and a cartridge to hunt in country.”

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